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"Jax is a new man !!! He’s so polite. I’m incredibly impressed with the training he received with Karen I want to personally thank you. He’s a joy to walk on and off leash,I work on every night his sits, downs and heels. He is 1000 times better,I want everyone to know how awesome Canine Headquarters is and I highly recommend them 5 stars ... PS we always looked forward to your report and videos you gave first class customer service.  Thank You"

- E. Moss  Missouri City, Texas


"If you have a dog training issue, this is the place to resolve it.  Dave and Karen REALLY know their stuff!!!"  - J.W. Marble Falls, Texas


"Canine Headquarters is the best place to learn, train and further your abilities as a complete partner with your canine.  Dave and Karen are professional and caring trainers and exhibitors that understand individual needs and tailor instruction specifically to those needs.  I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to begin or further their training skills." - K.S. Paris Texas


"Guys, it doesn't get any better than this! If you want to learn what makes a dog tick and how to communicate with your dog, this is the place to be. You'll never look back..." - C.B. College Station, Texas


"I went to another trainer this weekend because the facility was closer and they offer a socialization class for adult dogs (Ruck has no issue with people, but he is a little intense about other dogs) and it was not the same. The trainer was knowledgeable, but she made me feel dumb through passive-agressive comments and treated me like I was a terrible owner. It made me really miss K9HQ. I took Ruck there earlier in the year for agility and he was always so excited to see Dave, Karen, and Kevin -- and they allowed him to have his "moment" of joy. I just really appreciate how much they genuinely love my dog and how great they are with me. Dave's never made me feel like I was an idiot or a shitty owner and when I started doing agility with Kevin, he was super patient with Ruck and I.   I know that I'm kind of crazy about my dog, which K9HQ understood. They get that I could just let Ruck act like a toolbag, but that I want him to be better than that, so I sought out training and they've always been very supportive of my decisions. So, since he hasn't imploded yet (fingers crossed, especially since now I have a male roommate -- who Ruck is in love with), here's your 5th star, Canine Headquarters."  - K.F. Houston, Texas


"Dave and Karen know how to train dogs! They ROCK." - S. W. Marble Falls, Texas


"Hi Karen, I just wanted to send you an update on Izzy.  She is doing great!  It’s like having a different dog!  On Christmas Eve (just two days after she got home) we had 20 people over and she was a perfect angel.  She stayed in her down in the midst of everyone yelling, laughing, opening gifts, etc.  She is doing really well with her sits, downs, sit stays, down stays, place, etc. and we are working on come.  She is not loose with Zoe and hasn’t acted aggressive towards her at all.  She has curled her lip at me a time or two but each time I win the battle so it doesn’t happen much.  She is so much calmer it’s unbelievable.  One of my friends said she can’t believe it’s the same dog!  She has also spent the last two nights sleeping in her crate with the door closed.  She goes in there on her own when she wants to and we have been able to keep her in there at night.   She eats in there each day and seems to really like it.  Thank you so much, the training you gave her has made such a huge difference.  Bringing her to you was her last chance with us.....she’ll be staying!"  - M.E.M.  Austin, Texas


"They do an an excellent job of training and really help you as an owner understand what is needed."  - M.A.  Hutto, Texas


"I just received a "perfect" phone call.  A young Rallhaus puppy went thru your board/training program a year and a half ago, including owner training. This puppy is still super obedient, and is happy, loving and confident. She has become the perfect companion. The owners learned how important it is for dogs to be required to work, and how to work them, they enjoy the play style obedience for treats.  I'm not surprised, I strongly refer every owner of my puppies check you guys out. The ones that decide to have their puppies trained by Canine Headquarters, Inc. , either by taking classes, or by board/train are ALWAYS happy with the results. Kudos for yet another job well done!"  - K.R. Houston, Texas
"Hey Dave and Karen! Just wanted to let you both know that Rok made his first official search find on Sunday...and only his 2nd deployment ever! Thank you sooooo much for the base you put into him! He is an amazing partner...I just have to keep up and not screw him up!!"  - D.L. Austin, Texas
"Hey Dave, wanted to share my news and thank you...I really worked on my obedience attitude (you said I was boring), and my tone of voice and a few other things we discussed to spiff up my obedience, Thank you!!  It payed off, went to a trial this past weekend and got 2 legs and that is what I needed for my title, so we have our CD and Diva was happy, tail wagging and recall was so fast she slid in...We got a 193.5 on Saturday.  Very proud..."  Houston, Texas


"Karen, Sidekick is a dream.  We just love what you've done with him.  We get so many compliments on his behavior.  I'm tempted to smile modestly and take all the credit, but I always tell them about you.  We're glad we found you guys" - The Carpenters, Georgetown Tx


"Dave and Karen,  I wanted to take a moment to say thanks so much for the work and care that you put into Lido's training.  When I leave him with you I know that he will be treated like your own dog.  You will be doing all his training from now on.  Thanks Again." - D.Z. Austin, Texas


"Dave and Karen,  I'm dropping you this line to say thanks again for your excellent training skills.  The last six months of our lives have been so different with Kemah and it's hard to imagine what life was like before his stay at doggie boot camp.  So many of our family and friends notice such a difference in our dog and the way this has changed our lives is indescribable.  We learned so much from you about our relationship to our dog and how to make the best possible situation for our lives together -- it's been a real transformation.  You should know that the only downside of Kemah's training is that I now annoy my frineds with my stern recommendation of Canine Headquarters whenever I'm around their "bad" dogs". - LM Austin, Texas


"I wanted to write to you today to say thank you for everything.  We are so very pleased with our dog and his training.  I can't tell you enough how pleased I am.  I tell all my friends that have dogs all about you.  The training was the best investment we have ever made" - M.F. Autin, Texas


"I've trained with MANY trainers and have seen good training and bad.  Dave is extremely fair to the dog - he is one of the only trainers I know that adopts his techniques to the dog's learning style.  If you haven't seen him in action I would recommend doing so - he is very impressive, for both pet and competition." - Posting on Austin 360


"Dave Kroyer is a wonderful trainer, not only for the dog, but also for the dog's owner/handler.  Dave is patient, enthusiastic and both my dog Duncan and I loved going to training.   Dave has a great ability to read the dog and to pass on to the owner how to work with the dog.  I would recommend Dave to anyone who has a dog who needs any type of training.  It's a true pleasure to work with Dave and both Duncan and I have learned alot."  - Cindy K. Pflugerville, Texas


"In the world of professional dog training there are about as many different types of trainers as there are training methods.  Dave's impressive competitive achievements is clear evidence of his level of dedication and experience.  However, what impressed me most about Dave was his one-on-one relationship with my dog.  The enthusiasm, kindness, insight, and understanding with which Dave approaches training quickly made our sessions with him a time to look forward to.  Being coached by Dave in the art of training my dog, I have come to think of him as a canine magician, for it usually takes him no more than a session to rectify permanently undesired behavior.  Learning from Dave Kroyer is a true privilege.  I couldn't possibly recommend anyone more strongly." - G.M. Austin, Texas

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