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Everyone longs for a well-behaved dog that they can comfortably take out in public places without the worry of embarrassing out-of-control doggie behaviors.  Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not purposefully misbehave.  They are behaving as dogs do naturally.  It is up to the people to provide leadership and guidance to their dogs.  That is the only way dogs will know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior in our human world.


Behavior problems are the number one reason why dogs are surrendered to a shelter.  It's often the number one reason why owners are afraid to take their dog out in public, or invite guests over to their house.  Many find themselve ill-equipped to manage these types of behaviors that are all too common in the doggy world.  Some of the most common types of problem behaviors that we are asked to help with include:


  • dog to dog aggression

  • dog to human aggression

  • dog to cat aggression

  • resource guarding

  • barrier aggression

  • separation anxiety

  • submissive urination

  • fearfulness

  • not coming when called

  • jumping up

  • nuisance barking and whining

  • won't sit

  • won't lay down

  • won't go in a crate

  • timidness

  • pulling on the leash

Teaching sits, stands, downs, fronts, get in, and heel position

The emphasis for competitive obedience is on teamwork and attitude.

We offer private lessons and Board and Train options for both companion and competivie obedience, as well as puppy imprinting.  


Board and Train and private lessons are available for behavior modification and aggression services.

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