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Our Common Scents Nosework training is great for those looking to compete and those looking just to have fun with their dogs.  With our clear and concise detection training system, both dogs and handlers will have a fun and relaxed time learning a new sport.  We offer Nosework training through private lessons and board and train.


Below is what we would cover during nosework training:



  • Introduction the the 5 odors of Anise, Birch, Clove, Myrrh, and Vetiver

  • Teaching the Indication

  • Learn how to read your dog

  • Competing in UKC Nosework titling programs

  • box drills

  • luggage searches

  • interior building searches

  • exterior building searches

  • vehicle searches

  • separating the odors

  • proofing off of food and toy distractions




Austin Dog Training

Check out our Canine Headquarters Nosework Club FB page and UKC Nosework to keep up to date on upcoming trials and events and brags!

Java's container test...1st Place!

Advanced Nosework Training: There are two food distractions and one nosework odor

Advance Nosework Training:  Proofing off of food.  The food distraction is in the middle box.  The nosework odor is in the last box.

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