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We live in a dangerous world, and your number one goal is protecting your family and your home.

You can install any security system you want, but it takes time for the police to arrive, time you might not have in an emergency. 

Purchasing a Personal/Family or Executive protection dog will ensure your peace of mind. 

​Just consider some of the following statistics from the US Department of Justice and the FBI: 
  • Every 40 seconds another child is reported missing.

  • 16% are taken in their own home or yard; 40% are abducted from their street or car; 14% from a nearby park or wooded area.

  • More than 1/5 of the children in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children listed in non-family abductions are found dead.

  • A woman is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes in America.

  • 70% of sexual assaults occur in the victim’s home.

  • Over 2/3, 67% of sexual assault victims reported to law enforcement agencies were under the age of 18.

 DPS Private Security Bureau # B15259

ATF Licensed

Personal Protection Training

Don't let this happen to you or your loved ones

Personal Protection Training


Congratulations on finding our site for your next Police K9!  We offer only the best training and best dogs for your single and dual purpose needs.  Our detection training system has gained notariety across the country.  


We offer Labs, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois', and the occasional exceptional mix breed.  


Our dogs come with a standard health warranty; and a performance guarantee if a handler's course is included with the dog.


Our dogs are hand selected based on departmental need, so we do not keep a large inventory of dogs at any one time at our facility, so we know each and every dog personally.  


Visit our Contact Us page to inquire about any available dogs we might have.

'DaKar'   SOLD

3 1/2 year old Russion Bred Doberman 

Available for Dual Purpose, Sport, or Personal Protection



Detection Dogs Austin Texas
Detection Dogs Austin Texas

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Detection Dogs Austin Texas

Rosie's find...2820 lbs of Marijuana.

Estimated value is 7.5 million...

Detection Dogs Austin Texas
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