Simply put, a dog and handler team work together to jump the greatest distance. The handler throws a retrieve object into a pool or pond and the dog runs down a 40' dock that stands 24" above the water and leaps out as far as he can. Dock diving is different from other dog sports. Agility, obedience, hunt tests, etc., are all about control. Dock diving is about fun!

This sport is simple and fun. The people, from elite competitors to junior handlers are the nicest people around. Although the sport has been dominated so far by Labrador Retrievers, a Greyhound named "Country" is the current World Record Holder with a jump of 28'10". Don't worry though if your dog isn't jumping that far. Your dog will only compete against other dogs in its own class. Your dog can earn titles such as "Junior Jumper," "Senior Jumper," and "Master Jumper" depending on how far your dog can jump. And just to make things even more interesting, the owner of the first dog to jump more than 30 feet in televised competition will pick up a check for $30,000.


"Introduction to the Sport"
Skill Level: Beginners
Prerequisites: none (6) 30-minute private lessons

Members- $15 for 30 minutes
Non-members- $30 for 30 minutes

This class is for beginners. If your dog has never jumped off a dock into water or if you're not sure if your dog will even swim or retrieve, this class is for you. We'll give you the tools you need to get started in the sport:

  • We'll gently introduce your dog to water

  • We'll show you how to select a retrieve object

  • We'll teach you games you can play with your dog that build drive for the retrieve object

  • We'll teach you how to keep control of your dog on the dock

  • We'll teach you techniques for building your dog's rear muscles

  • We'll go over the dock diving rules

"Basic Dock Diving"
Skill Level: Beginners
Prerequisites: must pass swim test and retrieve test *or* must have attended "Introduction to the Sport" class.
(4) 30-minute private lessons

Members- $15 for 30 minutes
Non-members- $30 for 30 minutes

This class is for those folks whose dogs LOVE water and LOVE to retrieve but who need the tools and techniques to make their dogs into a dock diver. You'll learn:

  • How to build up drive to the chase object

  • How to build your dog's strength

  • How to make the introduction to the dock

  • How to control your dog while on the dock

  • Retrieve object throwing techniques

  • Dock diving rules

"Dock Diving: The Competitive Edge"
Skill Level: Experienced teams planning to participate in dock diving at a competitive level
Prerequisites: must pass jump test *or* must have attended "Basic Dock Diving" class.
(4) 30-minute private lessons

Members- $15 for 30 minutes
Non-members- $30 for 30 minutes

You now have a dog that jumps off docks but to be competitive, he needs to *fly* off the end of the dock. This class gives you the tips you need to have a "big air" dog. You'll learn:

  • How to increase your dog's "lift"

  • Conditioning for competition

  • How to develop a routine

  • Dock diving rules

"Open Dock"
Skill Level: Current competitive DD teams
Prerequisites: must pass "Basic Dock Diving" class or show proof of current competition status

Members- Private dock time: $10 for 30 minutes, $5 additional dog, Open Dock: $5 1st dog, $2.50 additional dog
Non-members- $10 1st dog, $5 additional dog

  • Unlimited use of equipment and pool

  • Lifeguard present

For more information or to sign up, call: 894-3047 or visit our online scheduling page.

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