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Our Board and Train program is our most popular service!  It is a perfect alternative to private or group classes if you do not have the intitial time to devote to training.  Board and Train is a "jump start" on what you would like your dog to learn.  Canine Headquarters' lays the foundation for the maintenance training that you will provide to your dog once he/she returns home.  Board and Train is a popular alternative for busy folks on-the-go.


Your dog lives on our premises for a specified period of time, which is determined between the dog owner and Canine Headquarters, and will recieve multiple training sessions per day.  Our country setting provides a relaxing environment conducive to your dog's learning.


We offer Board and Train for the following training services:

  • Obedience (Companion and Competition)

  • Nosework

  • Puppy Imprinting

  • Aggression and Behavior Modification

  • Protection Sports (IPO and Ring)

  • Dock Diving

Austin Dog Training

Viva's sit/stay from a distance and from behind.

Mandi perfecting her sit/stay and place/stay under distractions

Army's send to a 'place' from 50'.

Board and Train services are provided at different rates and an evaluation is required prior to a Board and Train Program.

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