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Contact us at 512-868-5810 by text or email us directly at with 'TRAINING' in the subject line.  Due to the significant increase in spam calls, we do not regularly check voice messages. Our hours are by appointment only.


Check out for instructional videos on just about everything related to dog training.  Videos are being produced and added all the time!


Heeling 101

Austin Dog Training

Canine Headquarters, Inc. is a comprehensive dog training facility located on six shaded acres northeast of Austin in Hutto, Texas.  Founded by Dave and Karen Kroyer, Canine Headquarters Inc. was established in response to the demand for effective customized training programs.


Having worked with COUNTLESS dogs and their owners gives us the skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience to offer results-oriented custom training and behavior modification programs for you and your dog.  Our programs are customized based on the temperament and drives of the dog, and the needs and goals of the dog owner.  Our training methods are grounded in the scientifically proven principles of canine behavior.  Our objective is to give dog owners the tools necessary to provide crystal-clear communication to their dog to achieve their desired training and behavior goals.  We teach owners how to effectively motivate their canine friend and how to apply their newly acquired dog training skills in practical every day situations.  


We are very involved with local rescue groups and shelters and offer straight forward, practical, and effective methods for dealing and managing issues surrounding aggression, separation anxiety, and fear in dogs.   Our straight up, up-front style appeals to many, whether they want to compete at a world class level or just want their dog not to pull them down the street during their daily walk.


So whether you're interested in basic pet obedience, or the demands of high level competition, we're sure to be able to custom design a training program that meet the needs of you and your dog.

98 Point Obedience Routine 

96 Point Protection Routine

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